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Comments on Income Survey

In response to recent comments on social media sites regarding the Income Survey you received in the mail,  the District offers the following information:  Rio Alto is challenging the Median Household Income (MHI) that the 2017-2021 American Community Survey (ACS) has reported for the Lake California Census Block.  The ACS data lists the MHI for Lake California as higher than the statewide MHI.  We do not feel the data is representative of the District's service area.  The only way to challenge this data is by having an Income Survey prepared by an independant agency.  Your information is confidential and the District does not ever see this information.  A high MHI severly impacts the District's ability to obtain funding for future infrastructure projects.  Please feel free to contact the District if you have concerns or questions at (530)347-3835 or or contact Samantha van Breukelen, the Small Utility Project Manager I for Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC) at (760) 996-3202, Email  

Martha Slack, General Manager, Rio Alto Water District